Steve Sorrentino



I am a creative.  Always have been.  When I was a child, I drew.  When I was a teen, I painted.  I fell in love with music and film.  In college, I discovered printmaking & it all came together.  I like to combine digital & physical processes.  Whether shooting my own footage or using appropriated images, I like to layer things & play with context.  I like to get my hands dirty & make a mess.


Lithography, etching & screen - I love them all.  No two are the same.  I like to layer - drawing or painting or cutting into them.  I like to work big.  When I can't get to a good-sized press, I rent a steamroller & print woodcuts.

Video Art

My video work & my print work are intertwined.  I often grab stills to create plates & I tend to layer footage, just as I work into my prints.