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Vivo Commission
collaboration with Jeff Meyer [of Anaseer]

Jeff Meyer approached me to collabortate with him on this commissioned work for Vivo Urban Grill, located on Ogden Street on Milwaukee's East Side. He was looking for a way to combine several different media & several different figurative & non-figurative elements.

Though Jeff held the reigns, the entire project was very collaborative & I feel that both of us pushed the other into some new territory. We have collaborated on several pieces since.

If you are interested in a commissioned work, please contact me at stevesorrentino@hotmail.com for pricing information.

installation shot

composition 1* [digital prints]

composition 2* [digital prints]

composition 3* [digital prints]

composition 4* [digital prints]

composition 5* [digital prints]

composition 6* [digital prints]

composition 7* [digital prints]

composition 8* [digital prints]
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