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Selected Lithographs

Here are some miscellaneous lithographs that I've produced over the years. For those unfamiliar with the process, Lithography is based on the fact that oil & water don't mix. The surface is prepared so that the image areas that you want to print except ink [which is oily] & the areas that you don't want to print except water.

Most of these are photo-lithographs, many of which have been overlayed with monoprints or drawing techniques. The photo-litho plates are developed [by hand] photographically from templates exported from the computer & then printed manually on a press. I enjoy combining digital media with the very physical & tactile forms of printmaking.

Prints labeled with an "*" are available for sale. Please contact me at stevesorrentino@hotmail.com for pricing information.

selective evolution*

adam & eve* [diptych]

adam & eve* [diptych]


ew 2.2

jme 7.2*

kl 1.2 [commission]

kerri 2.2 [commission]

kerri 3.2 [commission]

liz 1.2

rlc 1.2*
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