Digital Video Art, Printmaking & More...

Welcome to my Website! I have been specializing in digital video art & printmaking for several years now - take a look at my portfolio of images, from commissioned works & custom digital artwork to video art sequences. If you would like pricing information on existing works or commissioned pieces, please contact me at

After receiving my BFA in Printmaking from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 2002, I have continued to make video sequences for a variety of venues & special events throughout the city, as well as several commisioned works for clients throughout the Midwest.

I've been an active member of the Milwaukee Artistic Community for more than 8 years, as co-owner & coordinator for Gallery 326 in Milwaukee's Historic 3rd Ward from 2000-04 & by coordinating artwork for public spaces throughout Milwaukee including Sauce & the Holiday House Restaurants.

Stay tuned for more updates to my portfolio! - stv

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