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Selected Etchings

Here are some miscellaneous etchings that I've produced over the years. For those unfamiliar with the process, etching is quite simply based on texture - recessed & textured areas on the plate get "rubbed-in" with ink, while raised & smooth areas on the plate get wiped clean. The plates are then printed on a press.

Many of these are photo-etchings. The image is put onto the plate by adhering a light-sensative film to the surface & developing it photographically from a template exported from the computer. The plates are then etched in an acid bath & printed manually. I enjoy allowing the digital & physical processes to collide & often affect the image in unpredictable ways.

Prints labeled with an "*" are available for sale. Please contact me at stevesorrentino@hotmail.com for pricing information.


anger 3.2*

anger 3.1*

lust 3.2*

lust 3.1*

ew 3.3

ew 3.4

test plate 1*

test plate 2*
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