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Chuck Dwyer - Collaboration

This series began when Chuck Dwyer & I first met, in the Spring of 2001. I was working on some of my earlier large scale lithographs, when he asked me if I could show him how to generate large scale prints from his photographs, so that he could draw & paint into them.

We developed these photographs of his in the computer & processed the plates. As we soon got distracted with other independent works, we never actually had a chance to print them. Until in the winter of 2005, I unburied the plates & printed them. Pulling a total of 8 prints - I gave him 4 & kept 4 for myself to draw into. These are the images that Chuck photographed, we worked together to print & I drew into.

Images marked with an "*" are available for sale, please email me at stevesorrentino@hotmail.com for pricing information.

model with window 1*

model with window 2*

model with window 3*

model with window 4*
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