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The Apple Project
various media

These are the only surviving pieces in a series from way back in highshool, that is discussed briefly in my Senior Thesis from MIAD. My Studio Art Instructor walked into our class one day & said "Everyone take an apple. Don't eat them, yet. Your assignment is to draw them 10 times by the end of the week." I was dumbfounded. But within a couple of hours - I discovered abstraction. Before that moment, I considered myself as little more than a human Xerox Machine. By the end of that same day I had eaten the apple & finished the last 2 pieces in the assignment by cutting out a stencil of a "generic" apple & making a collage witth the shape - keeping the stencil itself as the final piece.

These original works are not for sale. For high-resolution reproductions, please contact me at stevesorrentino@hotmail.com.

apple 1

apple 2

apple 3

apple 4
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